The Story:

I purchased this bike on EBAY on November 23, 2005. The bike as located up in Mountain View, CA (San Francisco area) so on the December 9th, 2005 I set out from Oceanside, CA and drove the 870 mile round trip to pick up the bike. Left at 4:00 am to avoid the usually horrible LA traffic and made it there in 6.5 hours. I spent about 20 minutes loading the bike and finding out it's history. Then an 8 hour trip back (I hit LA traffic, on a Friday).

It's my understanding that this bike was part of the contents of a storage locker and had been in storage for 30 years! I guess the owner did not pay his bill and thus the owner of the storage facility claimed the contents. I was told the owner of the bike took the owner of the storage facility to court to retrieve the contents which included Ferrari car parts. After a long court battle, the judge awarded the contents to the owner of the storage facility. The new owner of the bike sold it to the guy I bought it from, and he in turn put it on EBAY, where I came into possession of it.

As you can see from the photo, the bike is in pretty remarkable shape, but there are some problems. It has a Preston Petty front fender (wrong), correct but broken rear fender, a Krizman Spark Arrestor welded to the pipe (wrong), the ball on the clutch lever is broken (replaceable), missing one of 2 air filters (replaceable), engine frozen (usually repairable), missing a front numberplate (replaceable), couple of wrong screws on the side panels (replaceable) and it needs a thorough cleaning.

Interesting parts on this bike are of course the right hand shift, site bowl/sediment cups on the petcocks, plastic gas tank, two air filters (one on each side of the airbox), cable operated rear brake and the right hand side case appears to have the name of the engine ground off. To be honest, I'm not sure what engine this bike has. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Other things of interest...

From my experience and looking this bike over, since no paint has been rubbed off the sides of the tank, it has the original shocks, grips, dust covers, tires (still has the little ribs between the tread) and the kickstand is still there, this bike was probably never raced, ridden lightly and for some reason put away.....we may never know.

I don't have any plans at the moment to do anything to the bike, except do the research and hopefully find the missing parts. It's definately a find and very worthy to be part of this collection of Vintage 125s. If you know about these bikes, drop me a line at